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Our proprietary blend of hand picked herbs and flowers are the perfect ingredients for an at home vaginal steam.


How to Use:

1. Boil water and pour into our Twat Squat bowl ® or a receptacle of your choice. A Twat Squat ® is highly recommended as it is comfortable and you can place it right in the seat of a toilet and reuse it for a lifetime.

2. Add contents of packet to boiled water and sit or squat over the Twat Squat ® with a long towel or blanket wrapped around your body to keep the steam from escaping.

3. Meditate, read or simply steam in silence as the herbal infusion rises to your pussy.

Why does it Work:

Steam Her ® is a secret blend which contains  hibiscus, lavender, eucalyptus, jasmine, cnidium and sarsaparilla root. These all natural herbs help with itching, tightening, odor, inflammation, discharge, and bacteria. This blend of herbs is gentle enough for frequent use. 

 What you Receive:

  • 1 pack Steam Her ® hand picked herbs
  • Instructions with how to use
  • Discrete shipping

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