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Why You should buy a FUHQE STICK aka yoni wands


No woman should be insecure about her vagina.

We can give you your confidence back.

Let's be honest, men expect way more than they give and they expect us to be perfect in every way.

It's easy to feel like less of a woman when being judged by the standards of men; especially in the bedroom. Yet, we aim to please them regardless of how they make us feel and regardless of the fact that they rarely ever satisfy us in bed.

So we've created the Fuhqe Stick ® to give you back full control and domination in the bedroom. You will no longer feel like you didn't do it right or question yourself about whether or not you've satisfied him. You will know and we guarantee that he'll praise you, even worship you; as he should.

The Fuhqe Stick ® is intended to give you back your self esteem, not just in the bedroom but in all your relationships.

This magic wand not only tightens your vaginal walls, it eliminates embarrassing odours, causes increased wetness and will make you the real winner in the bedroom every-time you use it.

Our customers have told us that using the Fuhqe Stick ® has strengthened their communication with their partners and re-lit lost flames in their relationships.


simply wash the Fuhqe Stick ® with warm water and insert into the vagina for up to one minute. Do not leave in longer than this otherwise you'll be too tight for him to enter. Rinse your Fuhqe Stick ® after use and store in the box in a cool dry place. 

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