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It's like mama always used to say: "There's nothing better than a tight little pussy!"

The Fuhqe Stick ® is going to change your sex life. Remember the days when you and your boo first met? He used to power drill through your pussy every time he laid eyes on you. These days you're not even sure he still sees you. Now that he's dug out your tight punany and probably put a baby or two inside it, he has the audacity to curl up beside you and go straight to bed at night. Mother Fuhqer! Don't worry, after you buy a Fuhqe Stick ® your newer, tighter pussy is sure to keep him UP. 

 How to Use

1. Rinse the Fuhqe Stick ® under hot or warm water for up to 30 seconds.

2. Slowly insert into your pussy using a twisting motion for up to 1 minute (Do not exceed 1 minute or you will get too tight). Push it as far in as far possible and be gentle.

3. Rinse your Fuhqe Stick ® and allow it to dry completely then place it back into the box.


Why does it Work

Our blend of herbs works by causing the dead surface cells of the vagina to shed. This is a process of rejuvenation. Similar to epidermal skin after exfoliation, the new vaginal layer is softer, more taught, and healthier. This process of shedding continues 3-4 days after using the Fuhqe Stick ® and is completely safe and normal. The Fuhqe Stick is safe to use every day, in fact, we recommend it.

 What you Receive

  • 1 Fuhqe Stick ®
  • Instructions with how to use
  • Discrete shipping 

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