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    why the fuhqe do I keep getting bv?

    if we had a dollar for every time we got Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) then maybe it wouldn't be all that bad

    but the fact is, nobody is paying and BV is a serious vibe killer so let's focus on the cause and what the fuhqe we're gonna do about it.

    what the fuhqe is bv?

    the simple answer is that bacterial vaginosis is an imbalance of bacteria in the vagina. it can be very uncomfortable with symptoms that range from a fishy smell  to itching, burning, creamy white to green discharge (depending on the severity). you can get bv from simply having a poor diet but can also get it from a more serious mishap like getting poop in your vagina from not wiping correctly.

    some women get bv every month after their period. this is because period blood is so alkaline that it can disrupt vaginal ph levels. others contract it from swimming in communal waters, changing sexual partners, having poor feminine hygiene or taking medications (ie. the ones the doctors prescribe for bv...smh)      

     it's important to note that most heterosexual sexually active women contract bv because of the alkalinity of their partner's semen. this does not mean that your partner is dirty. healthy semen is very alkaline but a healthy vagina needs to be on the acidic side of the ph spectrum. no girl! we are not allergic to men. bahahaha. however, if your partner often disrupts your levels you can use this product before and immediately after sex to keep your ph balanced at all times.

    how can we prevent bv?

    here are some tips that we know will help you out for real!

    1. prioritize your feminine hygiene. use an all natural cleanser like shampoosy daily to properly clean your vulva, clitoris, thigh creases and ass crack. that just use water narrative is seriously disgusting and it really does more harm than good.
    2. do not ever wipe from back to front. even if you only peed. e-coli bacteria is constantly in your anal area and even just a small amount in your vagina is enough to cause bv. always wipe from your vagina to your butt. never fold and reuse toilet paper with feces on it and if you practice anal sex, don't let him take the d outta your bum and then insert in your vagina. no bueno.
    3. reduce your sugar intake. drink lots of water and eat more fruit. 
    4. you can also prevent bv by using  Pussy Pop'in suppositories if you feel off or think you may be in danger of getting bv again.

    how can we get rid of bv?

    Pussy Pop'in is an all natural bv prevention and treatment. you can use this anytime you need to rebalance your ph. it makes your vagina fresher, wetter and absolutely tasty. our suppositories do not contain any fillers or synthetic chemicals. our capsules are 100% vegan and dissolve in just a few short hours. try them today and see a major change in bv symptoms in just 1 day.
    you won't be disappointed with your results. you will however be very pleasantly surprised. 

    still not convinced?
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